Jordan Linn Graham sentence: Did Jordan Linn Graham intend to kill her husband when she pushed him?

  • Jordan LInn Graham intended to kill

    Jordan Linn Graham gave several false statements about what had taken place on the day she killed her husband. Eventually, she admitted to luring him to the area and pushing him from behind. She knew he would die and pushing him from behind was her best opportunity to get him over the edge.

  • Was Graham push. a push of anger or fear?

    A push of anger is when you are so angry with a person , you push them with all of your might, and pushing out of fear is less aggressive, you will cry and weep with the hurt barring so bad. From the way things look, Graham pushed in anger and many things wrong.

  • Yes, Jordan Linn Graham intended to kill her husband

    Yes, Jordan Linn Graham intended to kill her husband when she pushed him. I do not think Ms. Graham thought about killing Cody Johnson prior to going on the hike that day. However, I do think she knew full well that he was standing at the edge of a cliff and she was pushing him over it. I think she became so enraged at that moment that she wanted to kill him, at that moment. While she did not plot to kill him, she is a person who can become enraged enough to kill and then act on her rage. If she had had a gun, she would have shot him.

  • Probably Not Intended

    I can't see how anyone other than Jordan Linn Graham can know if she intended to kill her husband, therefore the court sentence of 365 months seems to UK eyes as extremely high.

    It's easy to do something in the heat of the moment without thought to the consequences - 'fore the grace of God go I'. Life isn't always black and white.

  • Probably Not Intended

    I have my doubts Jordan Linn Graham pushed her husband with the intentions of killing him. She may have meant to injure him, but not induce death. She received 30 years, I believe. I think her sentence was fair. Sometimes we do things with outcomes we couldn't dream of. That doesn't mean we shouldn't pay the price.

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