Jordan Linn Graham sentence: Is second-degree murder an appropriate charge when an argument leads to death?

  • Restoring justice to the injustice

    Death penalty ensures that the same type of mistake would not ensue again, creating peace in the community. Life sentences also reduces taxes citizens have to pay for their good treatment in prison, relieving some of the burden in the economy. Using death penalties against those who had murdered promotes less crimes and violence as others would not want to face the same penalty.

  • The thirty-year sentence imposed in the Jordan Linn Graham murder case is reasonable.

    Given the facts of the murder case agains Ms. Jordan Linn Graham the imposition of a 30-years sentence (in the federal prison system there is no parole so she will serve at least 27 years 3 months) is fair and reasonable to all parties of the case. Since the court declined Ms. Graham's request for a new trial the entire matter will be reviewed by an appellant court.

  • Graham Murder Sentence

    I believe that second degree murder, is exactly what was needed to be charged in this case. There was a human being that did not ask to die, it does not matter what the argument was about, you do not take it upon your self to kill anyone. You should have just walked away, the same thing you tell a man to do, before he hits a woman. It was wrong and he died for nothing.

  • I Find It Fair

    I believe Jordan Linn Graham received a 30 year sentence for pushing her husband. That push led to his death rather she intended to kill him or not. I think the charges against her and her sentence were both fair. She should have to pay for her decisions, mistakes, however you want to word it.

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