• Yes, he's a fine actor.

    Yes, Joseph Fiennes will do a good job portraying Michael Jackson. First of all, this is a comedy, so it's going to be a little "out there" already. Secondly, Fiennes did a superb job playing Shakespeare on the big screen. This man can do anything on film and do it well!

  • The reviews are not good.

    Joseph Fiennes doesn't look much like Michael Jackson. His facial structure just isn't the same. The reviews of Fiennes playing Jackson have already been quite harsh. In addition, Jackson never wanted a white actor to portray him. Fiennes looks like he's covered in makeup and the performance appears superficiala nd forced.

  • I can't believe this is for real!

    How in the world can Joseph Fiennes play such an iconic character? He looks nothing like him! Why are they making a show about Michael Jackson in the first place? This is wrong on so many levels. Why did Fiennes agree to do it? I don't think there is an actor alive who can pull of looking and talking like Michael Jackson.

  • Joseph Fiennes will not be a good Michael Jackson.

    Joseph Fiennes will not be a good Michael Jackson. He may be a good actor and the program is not aiming to be a super serious biography, however the simple fact that Joseph is white poses the first obstacle in his success in the role. While acting is an art, there is something to be said in having some authenticity to the role. You have to be able to pull from somewhere to tap into the character.

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