• He admitted it previously.

    I don't understand how Brown can claim that he physically hurt his wife in 2014 and then deny it in 2016. Abuse is abuse and I'm not sure if he's lying to himself because he's blocked it out or if he's trying to save himself. When it comes to abuse claims against sportsmen and women, I'm going to side with the victim because the perpetrator is physically stronger.

  • Yes, he probably is lying.

    Yes, there is a chance that Josh Brown is lying in order to avoid going to prison and to protect his career. If his wife accused him of striking her and he denies it, then someone is not telling the truth. Because Josh Brown has more to lose, it's likely that he is the one who is lying.

  • He admitted it previously.

    A statement in which Brown confessed to abusing his wife both physically and mentally has been released into the public domain. Therefore, his claims that he never hurt her are quite clearly untrue and are very unlikely to be taken at face value. It is most definitely fair to say that he is a liar.

  • Yes, He admitted it.

    There are public documents that have been released in which Josh Brown has admitted to abusing his wife. The Washington State Police department released over 100 pages of the reports obtained from Brown's then wife. In these reports, there were emails showing Brown's admission of physical, emotional, and verbal abuse.

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