• Yes, His return will benefit the Texas Rangers

    He was a valuable member of the team and will continue to be after his return. His injury was unfortunate especially at the time the team needed an excellent fielder and hitter. His bad relations with the coaches also made a difference, and I believe, contributed to his injury—inattentive to the slide into second base because he was cussing out the third base coach.

  • No, Josh Hamilton's returns to Texas Rangers will not benefit the team.

    Josh Hamilton is going through a lot of issues in his life ranging from divorce, shoulder injury and also relapse into hard drug addiction. All this factors put into consideration led him to play awfully for the Angels team, proving to be a big dissapointment. If he continues with his hard drug addiction and playing badly, he will also be a dissapointement to the Texas Rangers team.

  • I don't believe Josh Hamilton's return will benefit the team

    Josh Hamilton has a past with alcohol abuse and did not care if he drank during the season. He may be over the issues now but fans and players still remember his past and it will be hard for him to fit back into the role he played while he was here.

  • Nothing will help the Texas Rangers

    The Texas Rangers thought they were getting a good bargain when Josh Hamilton decided to return to their ranks, but even this will not help their chances this year. The competition is too stiff and their players too inconsistent for them to be able to do well this season. Josh Hamilton is a good player, but not good enough for the Texas Rangers to see any benefit from his return.

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