Josh Shaw's Sprained Ankles: Did he really sprain them jumping to save his drowning nephew?

  • Josh prained ankles

    So it has been buzzing in the media and all over social networks that Josh Shaw sprained his ankle by saving his drowning nephew. I believe him because what type of person lies about a child drowning. Children are so precious and if one is in trouble you will do what it takes to save them. So if that means spraining you r ankles to save a drowning child then that is what he did.

  • Josh Shaw`s Bizarre Case

    Controversial information floods the Internet and print media about the bizarre case of Josh Shaw`s strained ankles. The story goes from anthems of valor to deep doubts and a statement from Shaw`s team coach Steve Sarkisian that the case will be closely monitored. The truth about the real cause for the injury is expected to come out soon or later.

  • The story doesn't add up.

    No, Josh Shaw did not really sprain his ankles when he was jumping to save his drowning nephew, because the story doesn't make sense. There is no way that he could have jumped from a balcony like that without sustaining other injuries. Likely, the real reason involves consumption of alcohol, and he doesn't want to admit that.

  • I Doubt It

    This is a great feel good story. Unfortunately evidence seems to be mounting that Josh Shaw was no hero. He may have even been involved in a robbery. Everything seems very suspicious and I have a feeling that Josh Shaw is no hero. He may even wind up being a criminal.

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