Journalists question relationship between Trump and Putin: Is Donald Trump working too closely with Vladimir Putin?

  • Yes, Trump and Putin are working too closely together

    Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin do have a close relationship, and perhaps much too close for the comfort of America. First, voters were swayed to vote for Trump due to threats of attack if Clinton was voted into office. Secondly, we were told of Putin's involvement in rigging the primary elections. America does widely differ on their opinions of this partnership, which creates even more of a divide among Americans.

  • Probably is, but we don't yet know

    I imagine that Trump has some type of relationship with Putin, though the extent of it isn't completely clear. These journalists have every right to and need to press Trump on the issue, to get answers for the millions of Americans who want to know. Trump doesn't have our best interests in mind if he's secretly dealing with Putin.

  • Yes, yes, yes

    His first planned official visit to Putin? He lied about knowing Putin, lied about having a relationship. He's refusing to take questions from legitimate news organizations, has held few press conferences, the list goes on and on. Trump can't handle being questioned or criticized. His handlers are telling us to disregard what he says, but the job of the press is to report it and to as questions. Trump criticizes everybody from the Pope to Meryl Streep. Yet, he has only praise for Putin who has a rep for being a ruthless dictator, and who inspires fear in many of his people and international neighbors. So, yes, the press should question the relationship.

  • No lately he is distancing himself from Putin.

    Trump seems to know he was caught with his pants down on this one. He has stayed away from comments supporting Russia. It is obvious to the world that this guy was hand in fist with Putin's office throughout the election. However, I don't doubt he would sacrifice Putin to save himself.

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