Judge deports man in U.S. since infancy: Should the United States deport people who grew up in the United States?

  • They have to uphold the law.

    If people know that they get to stay in the United States if they've grown up here, that gives parents an incentive to send their children to the United States illegally. The parents know that all they have to do to get the right to stay here is to see to it that their child is here for a period of time while they are a child. The government has to uphold the law, even if that is tragic for a few individual people.

  • Absolutely, if he wasn't here legally.

    Really all it comes down to is enforcing the law. Want the law changed, get it changed. Until then, it should be enforced.

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  • It's not his fault, he could blame his parents

    Just because you grew up in the USA, does not mean that you are a natural born citizen. How he got here I don't know, but surely the law has been broken. America must rule, show order, and show no sympathy for those who meant to break the law. Let him stick by his parents and by their actions.

  • The United States should deport people who grew up in the United States, but only if...

    The United States should deport people who grew up in the United States, but only if they are not here legally. I, for one, am tired of hearing how illegal aliens should be allowed to remain. That is nothing more than allowing law-breaking. We are a nation of laws. Without that structure we are nothing.

  • No, i disagree.

    This is very wrong. The United States should not deport people who grew up in the United States. Therefore the Judge that deported the man in United States from infancy did the wrong thing. This judge has to re-read the law once more and know how to deal with such cases.

  • US announced a dream build with freedom. The "Americam dream".

    The small letters of the history telled us that the US could build a that dream just f***** with the rest of the world. Getting in the top and kicking out the ladder.
    The same way your parents are those who raised you, your nacionality is that that you build and felt most familiar.

  • You should read carefully the case of this man.

    Everybody demands him to comply with law, but never stopped to see the details of the case. This man should have been registered as a US citizen during his childhood, but the adoptive parents had never done it. So, he is now in trouble because of a third person mistake, it is not his fault. He is actually recieving support from many people who have sent petitions to keep him in the US. Unfortunately, he has a criminal record which makes his case more complicated. I hope everything goes well.

  • No, I don`t agree.

    The hard fact is that the separation of families has been one of the most compelling consequences of the increase in deportations since the 1996 changes in the law. Let us begin with family separation and the de facto deportations of U.S. citizen children. It is striking how the protections given by law to the family are absent from much deportation law. In general, the U.S. legal system is strongly protective of marriage and family. However, for many deportees, one of the cruelest aspects of their plight is the complete disregard by the legal system of their family ties.

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