Judge orders ExxonMobil to hand over climate change research: Is ExxonMobil pushing faulty science?

  • The Climate Only Remains Unchanged in the U.S.

    ExxonMobile, alongside a slew of other oil and gas companies, funds virtually the only research on the planet that denies climate change. It is in these companies best interests to deny and undermine the peer reviewed, independently-funded science that overwhelmingly demonstrates the use of fossil fuels accelerates climate change. Nowhere in the developed world would this be considered a point of contention but the oil and gas dependent U.S.

  • Yes, they probably are.

    Yes, companies that profit from practices that are not good for the environment often fudge their data. They skew scientific findings in their favor. Or they flat out cheat, as did Volkswagen. ExxonMobil makes its money from oil. Extracting gas and oil, and burning it through factories, cars, and other means, is a major factor in climate change. I'm sure the folks at ExxonMobil are skewing the data to benefit their company's interests.

  • They won't admit it

    Exxon Mobile is one of many industrial companies that just won't admit to the truths of climate change. They know that in doing so, they would be subjecting themselves to either following environmental rules and regulations or looking like they don't care about the future of our planet. They want to continue to deny that climate change is real so that they can continue to line their pockets with money without making any profit-endangering accomodations.

  • No, at least probably not.

    Climate change is a touchy subject in American today because it has economic and social implications. However, if an oil company is basing its business dealings and statements to consumers on a particular set of data, consumers should be able to examine the data and draw their own conclusions. Scientists are quick to express conclusions about data and frequently slow to reveal the set of data on which their conclusions are based.

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