Julia Collins, Jeopardy Champ: Should Jeopardy go back to the five-day champion limit?

  • Yes, going back to the five-day limit on Jeopardy is a good idea

    When you watch television, you're trying to be entertained. What that means for each person is vastly different, but one of the less entertaining things is seeing the same person for a month. In general, I crave variety, and seeing some intelligent shmuck with a weak personality doesn't cut it for me. Bring on fresh faces, I say!

  • Creates more drama!

    People still talk about Ken Jennings and his long stay on the Jeopardy throne. With a five-day limit, the audience is left wondering just how far the contestant could have gone. One five-day champion is basically the equal of all the other five-day champions, but a 20 day or 30 day champion gets the office talking around the water cooler.

  • No, the new way is better.

    The time when Jeopardy become the most popular is when Ken Jennings went on his incredible winning streak. Jeopardy is a very old show and with today's audiences they need some way to keep it in the news and keep it interesting. I think capping a winning streak would be a death sentence to the show.

  • No, Jeopardy should not go back to the five-day champion limit.

    Jeopardy should not go back to the five-day champion limit, but should let champions play as long as they can win. When champions such as Julia Collins keep winning, it makes viewers more interested in the program and they tune in every day to see if the champion can continue to win. Limiting the winners to five days would deprive them of the opportunity to win a large amount of money, and it would also deprive the viewers of the suspense of seeing how long they can continue to win the game.

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