Julia Lewis-Dreyfus poses naked for Rolling Stone: Is it appropriate for a 53-year-old woman to be appearing nude in a national magazine?

  • A womans age

    A woman's age should not determine what she can and can not do. If she feels comfortable posing naked and the magazine wants her, why not? Shes doing a good thing by empowering older women and making them feel better about their aging bodies. Just because some men may find this unattractive doesnt make it wrong. Not everything is about supporting the male gaze. Women should try to uplift other women and I think thats what shes doing.

  • Yes if she is comfortable

    I don't think age should have any affect on whether the person should appear nude or not. If the person posing is comfortable and the magazing wants the person to pose then an agreement can be made and they should pose. I don't see a reason for her not to be allowed to pose.

  • No creepier than anyone else.

    Yes, I think that it is appropriate that a 53 year old woman appears nude in a national magazine, because there is nothing about a 53 year old's body that is less beautiful and amazing than a 22 year old. She is to be celebrated for having the courage to bare her body nationally.

  • Yes, there is no age limit on nudity.

    The picture of her in the magazine was very tasteful and she looked great. There was no actual nudity showing, so I don't view the photo as inappropriate at all. There is no age limit on being able to show skin in a photo. Our culture should be embracing people of all ages, shapes and colors.

  • If It Sells

    If the Rolling Stone edition with Julia Lewis-Dreyfus nude sells, then it is absolutely appropriate. I for one, wouldn't be too interested in such a thing. With modern medicine, cosmetic surgery and the like, it's possible for a 53-year-old woman to look much younger than what is common. I don't think there's any reason to question it's appropriateness when considering American society.

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