Julia Stewart worked her way up through various jobs to become a President at Applebees: Is she a role model for all waiters and waitresses?

  • Yes, Julia Stewart is a role model for food service industry

    The success of Julia Stewart, as CEO of DineEquity, demonstrates that her determination and hard work has paid off in her career. Everyone has to start at the bottom as they enter their first job, but it should encourage others to look ahead for opportunities to continue improving and advancing in their career.

  • You've got to work your way up.

    No matter what job you get you have to start from the bottom and work your way up. No matter who you are you can climb your way up and be running the place one day. It is a long arduous journey but it is possible because people do it every day, you just have to keep going with it.

  • Yes, Julia Stewart proves that it is possible to move up in ranks to executive.

    Yes, Julia Stewart has proven that the concept of upward mobility is alive in this country. By advancing through various jobs, from waitress all the way to President of a massive corporation, Julia Steward has shown that it is possible to move too the top, and she should be the role model for other individuals with entry level jobs who aspire to go somewhere in life. While it may not be possible for every waiter and waitress to become the president of a company as large as Applebees, it is certainly possible for aggressive effort to land one at a much higher job than they currently have.

  • Yes, that is very impressive.

    Of course, all waiters and waitresses are not president material, but Julia Stewart is certainly not a bad role model. She must have worked hard and done an amazing job to climb so high. If I were a server with aspirations to climb the corporate ladder, I would definitely try to find out what she did and do my best to emulate that.

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