Julia Stiles -- good actress (yes) or stuck up girl (no)?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Yes, she is beautiful.

    Yes, Julia Stiles is a good actress, because she was in a large number of works and her work was versatile. Julia Stiles is beautiful and has a large fan base. Her work in movies makes the audience think about the social issues that are presented in the movies. Some of her work in comedies is entertaining. She appears down to earth and is a good actress.

  • Julia Stiles Has Proved Her Abilities

    Julia Stiles is not among the most prolific actresses of our time, however, she has proved her abilities and talents. From working on The Omen as Katherine Thorn to playing Nicolette in The Bourne trilogy, Julia Stiles has produced a sound body of work, without over exposing herself. While she does not do a lot of work, she is strong in her abilities.

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