• Melodie Joy is low class

    Jennifer Lopez is a real gal, and I can see why girls would be friends with her. Anyways Julissa is Puerto Rico's version of Stacie Orrico. This is a true girl. Not some sunvisor wearing loser ghetto girl like the one on the right.
    Julissa Arce, which is her full name, is on the left of the pic
    Melodie loser is on the right

  • Melodie Is A Superpower

    Melodie Joy is a refined woman with great taste in wine. She prefers the wine of high class people, not the kind that most people here on this site drink. She drinks wine that is worth more than what most people here make in a month! Anyway I found her very attractive because she sure knows her way around wine. Red wine is probably my favourite since it incorporates so many flavours at one in a delicious mix of grape and wood and berry and alcohol all in one. Haha she probably knows more about wine than me!

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Adam2 says2014-07-28T22:51:07.617

Here's an idea of a stupid song made by Melodie Joy -- Melodie Joy is worthless.

"Rich wouldn't hurt either" Talk about dumbass b88ch
to think I liked her
Adam2 says2014-07-28T22:51:40.843
More like Melodie ghetto girl