• Yes, I think so.

    There should be a proper inquiry and responsible should be punished, who ever was responsible. Black Box needs to be located for the cause of the crash. Sure hope there was a black box in that plane. TV reports also point towards a fault in the left engine, and ascribe blame to a technical fault in the aircraft. These claims have not been verified by the PIA.

  • Yes, the plane that crashed carrying Juanid Jamshed was sabotaged.

    Yes, the plane that crashed carrying Junaid Jamshed was sabotaged. Mr. Jamshed was a popular music artists, and it is reasonable to believe that Islamic terrorists found his embrace of popular culture troubling enough that sabotaging his plan was a reasonable way to lessen his influence on the culture of the Muslim world.

  • He was political.

    Junaid Jamshed was outspoken politically. He said a lot of things that were unpopular. Many of these things were directed towards the government. It should not be surprising that the government or political operatives found a way to dispose of him. This is what happens to people who speak out against the government.

  • An extreme measure

    Junaid Jamshed was an influential figure in Pakistani culture. He had many avenues for reaching people. From his time as a pop musician to his clothing lines and his television appearances he was very well known in his country. I don't think that any of these things would make him a target for an assassination attempt and certainly not one that involves taking the lives of and entire plane full of people. The crash is nonetheless a tragedy.

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