Junk food advertising ban: Does junk food advertising contribute to obesity problems?

  • Yes junk food should be banned

    Yes bec some kids get more junk than real food kiikkiiiiiiikiokkkkkkkkkkkk ooiiiii ii iiniju ni8uijr r r r f f r f fg t t t t r r r r r r r r r r r r r rt t t t t t gt t t t t t

  • Because shit happens

    According to an article 67% of males in the U.S are obese and have diabetes I interviewed those people and they said" If only I knew McDonalds was not fat free I would have stopped earlier"
    question 2:Do you think junk food advertising contribute to obestity problems?
    "yes I do"

  • If it didn't work, companies would not do it.

    Advertising makes the consumers aware of the product and more likely to buy/use said product. If the item in question has a negative effect on the health, then the advertising is indirectly contributing to the negative effect. However, this does not mean junk food advertising is the sole cause of obesity problems and to do away with it would eliminate the weight issue; there are several other unrelated factors- poverty, lack of education (in general and in relation to proper diet)...Etc.

  • Exposure=Possibility, simple as that

    Yes, if you didn't know that Walmart existed, would you go there? Many junk food commercials, such as the McDonald's McRib, advertises how good the junk food tastes. That is why it is impolite to eat in front of guests when you aren't going to give them any food; you are making them want food, but not giving them any. The more people are reminded of junk food's good taste, the more they will want to go buy some. However, people will still buy junk food, the real thing we should ban is junk food. OTOH, banning junk food commercials will hurt the sale of junk food, why do you think so many companies spend so much money on commercials? They know that they work!! It's only logical.

  • No, it does not.

    Consumers have a choice about what they do and do not buy and eat. Banning junk food from being advertised is not going to keep people from eating the food. If someone wants a huge cake, they will go to the store and pick one out, they do not need an advertisement to give them the idea.

  • No, junk food advertising does not contribute to obesity problems.

    I do not believe junk food advertising contributes to obesity problems. People are going to eat junk food if they crave it badly enough. People are going to overeat because they choose to not because some kind of advertising told them to. Advertising may sell more products but ultimately people choose themselves whether or not to overeat.

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