Junk food advertising ban: Is it sensible to aim junk food advertising at children?

  • Yes, junk food advertisement SHOULD be banned

    Junk food advertisement is very bad for children. This crisis can cause many more problems such as health and financial. Children beg their parents for more money so they can buy more junk food. Junk food SHOULD NOT be accepted into today's society. Health problems can lead to the obesity of children and may cause the child to have diabetes and/or heart disease.

  • Yes, junk food advertisement SHOULD be banned

    It is not right to feed our youth junk food, when they could be eating healthier and playing outside in the warm sunshine. In most cases, children beg their parents for them to eat junk food. This crisis can cause health and financial problems, as it causes the child to beg for more money to buy more junk food, and can also cause the child to become obese, leading them to diabetes and/or heart disease.

  • Yes, parents should control what children see and eat, not the government.

    It is sensible to advertise junk food to children, because advertising to children is a reasonable exercise of free speech. Like video games or most toys, junk food is not harmful in small quantities. It is parents, not the government, that should control what children see. Parents are capable of deciding for their children what they should eat, and children, if taught properly, are capable of making good choices, too.

  • Morally this is not right

    Aiming junk food advertisements at children is obviously a malicious way to gain increased revenue. However, there is really no argument against it, as it is free speech. Additionally, it would be very tricky to legislate this kind of advertising, as there is no real way to define junk food.

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