Junk food advertising ban: Should junk food advertising be banned, especially during children's television programs?

  • Yes, Junk Food Advertising Should Be Banned

    Consumers, especially children, often make decisions based on convenience and availability. If a child is exposed to junk food advertising, that child may begin to gravitate toward junk food rather than healthier options. Studies have shown that junk food leads to very serious diseases later in life, such as diabetes and heart disease. Given these facts, junk food advertisements should be banned. Instead, healthier options should be heartily encouraged through advertising.

  • Its up to the adults and children! Not the government

    Its up to the children and parents of what they eat and watch. The government should NOT be forcing people to eat and watch certain things. Just because you see a advertisement on television does not mean that you are going to get of your ass and head straight to a fast food restaurant. Just because there are no more junk food advertisements on television does not mean that u will not see other advertisements such as billboards, internet, posters etc. THANK YOU FOR READING THIS AND THE ONLY REASON I WROTE THIS IS BEACUSE A LOT OF THE ANSWERS ON HERE A STUPID AND I AM ALSO DOING THIS FOR A SCHOOL DEBATE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What's wrong with it?

    I feel like the child is going to find out about that brand of junk food anyways. Whether they see a friend eating it, or if they see it in the store, or a commercial. Every kid, no matter what the disorder, disease, or problem, will eat junk food at least ONCE. I don't think its that serious. Kids hardly pay attention to commercials anyways.

  • It is the consumers ultimate decision on whether to buy an item or not.

    No, junk food should not be banded from regular television or during children's television programs. Snack food marketers have the right to market their products, just like cars dealerships have the right to market their cars. In the end a commercial is just a commercial and it is not the marketer's fault if a parent decides to buy their child "junk food" (or a new car for that matter).

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