• Banned via not sold/provided:

    We can't prevent what parenting (however little there is) that happens in the 'home', but if we as a nation (should) believe in (or at least attempting) promoting a quality education, then we must also embrace the nourishment of the body as well as the mind. Sadly, food is not the only form of junk that has infiltrated our schools,, as evidenced in the 'no' column.

  • I believe that kids should have a choice of food to eat at school

    Teachers and principals should not dictate over what kids can or cannot eat, although I do believe that there should be certain times that kids should so food would not be a distraction in the classroom. Why could a kid be allowed to eat carrots, but can't buy a candy bar at the same price. In a way, it could actually prove beneficial by it providing energy to kids in P.E. . That is why I believe what I believe .

  • Kids should not be subject to marketing

    You provide access to junk food in schools, you are basically turning them into mini-consumers. If their parents want them to have junk food, they can send it to school with them. Not providing access is different from prohibiting. What about parents who don't want their kids to have junk food? Once the kid is there, the peer pressure and marketing work against anything the parents say. Again - not providing access is not prohibiting, so if the kid's parents want the kid to have a soda every day, they can make that happen. Without hurting other kids. Kids are not always the best decision makers. I know I wasn't. The food provided by the school or to which the school provides access should be healthy.

  • Should junk food be banned from public schools?

    It is the freedom to do anything? Right? Where are we in china? No .. We are in the us ..Its the freedom to do anything , people should not be telling us what to eat and what not to eat.. This is america people not china or some other place.

  • Junk food can cause student's unhealthy condition.

    Junk food is consisted of unhealthy materials like mixed meats and it may cause student's obesity with high calories. Usually students spend almost time to sit on chair to take class. They do not have a lot of opportunity to move their bodies for vigorous activation over school times. In this regard, the junk food does not give such students any healthy effects, even it can bring about ill and disease caused by bad sanitation of school.

  • It really depends

    If a kid brought his OWN lunch to school (and that lunch contained all sorts of junk food) I honestly don't know why it would be reasonable for some teacher to take it from him.

    However, at the same time the school should not be SELLING any junk food to the students and school meals should not contain anything unhealthy.

  • Health should be taught in schools not forced.

    Health isnt really the schools business there job is to teach the students about math, reading, science, writing and even health but its not their business to force students to adopt a lifestyle they want them to have. The schools teachers and administrators should have limits on what they can impose on students.

  • No it shouldn't be banned but also shouldn't be encouraged.

    I keep hearing reports of teachers substituting lunches for kids (like a woman having to pay $5 for Ritz crackers because she didn't pack 2 grain items in her kids lunch) or food getting tossed because they aren't allowed sugar. This is ridiculous and the teachers have too much power. If they are concerned for a kid because they get a can of pringles for lunch each day yea ok talk to the parents. Parents should be giving their kids the best lunch possible but having a pack of dunkaroos will not kill the kid. That being said having pizza days twice a week or chocolate bars in vending machines is just not good for kids.

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Vere_Mendacium says2014-07-29T19:12:59.863
Banned? No. But sold? No. I think that is a better argument.