Jurassic World opening weekend projection: Will online views of the film's trailer translate into box office success?

  • Yes, Online Views of Trailers will cause a major success

    Jurassic World is the new part of the former Jurassic Park series which had a very good reputation and millions of viewers worldwide. Many people across the world want to watch this movie but before that, they may also want to view the trailer to get familiar with the story. So, by watching online trailer, people will be attracted more to this movie and may cause success to box office.

  • Yes, Jurassic World will have a huge box office haul

    Yes, I do think that Jurassic World will be a major box office success, and the massive number of views of the film's trailer are just one indication of that fact. The smartest decision the filmmakers made was casting Chris Pratt -- he is so well-loved right now that he will bring in tons of viewers that might not have showed up simply due to the nostalgia factor.

  • Jurassic World is designed to bring in box office success.

    While upcoming summer tent-pole movie "Jurassic World" is a CGI and effects heavy film, it is designed to bring in the viewers. When it opens, it is tracking to see the first weekend bring in around $120 million dollars or more. This is a success by any metric and the film will see financial rewards.

  • Jurassic World opening weekend will not translate into box office success.

    Jurassic World is going to be a massive flop in the theater. The franchise is played out, and the public will not show up en mass to make the movie a blockbuster. It does not matter how great a preview is, the over-done CGI will not make Jurassic World lots of money.

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