Juror: George Zimmerman was 'justified' in shooting Trayvon Martin. Agree (yes) or disagree (no)?

  • Play stupid games win stupid prizes

    False narrative stated the movement. Martin attacked. Sure he was unarmed until he tried to steal Zimmerman's gun. Zimmerman shot 1x. Martin was larger than Zimmerman and homophobic thanks to his less than a prize girlfriend who egged him on to attack. Martin was a trouble maker and on tje wrong path, He'd have been shot by another black sooner or later, But that wouldn't get press. The annoying posting of Martin as a 10yr old when he was closer to 18 if not 18, Was leftist propaganda.

  • No, George Zimmerman had guilt in this.

    I think there are times when someone feels threatened and therefore shoots in a type of self defense. However, everything that has come out about George Zimmerman says that he is an angry man who was out on the prowl for kids that fit a particular racial and other profile, such as how they were dressed. He did not shoot in self defense.

  • Zimmerman was NOT justified in shooting Trayvon Martin

    This is a very volatile issue, and as well it should be. Any use of excessive force should be treated illegally, and in cases where the victim was fatal, should be treated as a federal offense. Trayvon Martin was a minor; under 18, and was unarmed. Zimmerman was an adult, and even if he was met with violence, he shouldn't have fatally wounded Martin. If anything, a shot to the leg or any area below the waist would've been sufficient enough force to stop the altercation.

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