Jury awards Erin Andrews $55 million in stalking lawsuit: Was the hotel owner at fault?

  • Yes, the hotel owner behaved irresponsibly.

    The hotel owner should have protected Erin Andrews from her stalker. The large settlement reflects the psychological and emotion damage that Erin Andrews experienced as a result of the hotel owner's lack of responsibility. As a result, it is my belief that the jury was right to award the settlement.

  • Yes, he is also at fault

    When some one calls the hotel and seeks a room next to a lady, the hotel should have turned suspicious and asked further details regarding the man. They should have had a sense of responsibility and ensured the safety of the fellow customer. Taking into consideration this factor, yes, the hotel owner is also responsible for this act.

  • Yes, they were negligent in protecting her privacy.

    According to some reports this hotel was specifically asked by the man if he could have the room next to Erin Andrews whom he knew was going to be staying there. That should of been a red flag to the hotel that this man was up to no good. They have a right to their guest to protect their privacy along with their safety. The hotel along with it's owner didn't do that and now Erin Andrews continues to pay the price so yes they are at fault.

  • The hotel owner was not at fault for the stalking incident that plagued Erin Andrews

    While the incident surrounding the stalking of Erin Andrews is unfortunate, the hotel owner was not at fault for what occurred. He is not an employee of Erin Andrews, so it is not his responsibility to be aware of incidents like these. It is more the fault of Erin Andrews security team for not dealing with the incident in a more efficient way.

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