Just because there is a Universe doesn't mean that by default that there is a God/Gods.

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  • My Response. A Christian One.

    The existence of the Universe doesn't prove the existence of any god/gods. Even if we did find that it had a Supernatural Creator it wouldn't prove the Christian God anymore than it would prove any other God. However, the most plausible explanation for the existence of our Universe is a religious one as opposed to a Atheist one. One of the many things that supports the Creator theory is nothing being nothing (Nothing can't be unstable, nothing is nothing.), the Universe not being able to create itself, and the evident Fine Tuning. (Gravity, Nuclear Force, etc). Isn't it funny that Atheist's would rather believe in an infinite amount of invisible Universes with no evidence (There never will be any either, seriously. Research it.) Than one finely tuned universe with a Supernatural Creator? Think on it.

  • Obviously; what more is there to say?

    I can hardly bring myself to give reasons for this self-evident statement, although I would have worded it more clearly:

    Concluding that there must be a God on the grounds of merely the existence of the Universe is ludicrous.

    But when people then start to describe qualities of this magic being that they claim exists on the grounds that the universe exists... Well, I have to say that I fear for their mental health.

  • Why must there be a God?

    I don't see any valid point why. There's grass, yet no one created it. There are millions of empty planets, yet know one invented them. I would say that Nature is the unintentional true creator. What do you think? Please give a good explanation of why you believe what you do, then reread what you posted and think whether it makes sense or not.

  • We Don't Know

    Scientifically speaking, we can't prove the existence of God, but we also can't scientifically disprove the possibility of God.

    Modern science limits us to a minuscule perception of observational phenomena. We haven't even discovered a fraction of the universe that currently exists, and it is still expanding too rapidly for us to ever catch up, so we don't know what exists beyond our perception, and we arguably never will. Additionally, denying any supernatural existence requires us to scientifically explain every observable and unobservable phenomena that mankind has knowledge of, which is arguably impossible, so it is impossible to entirely disprove supernatural occurrences or beings.

    That being said, we cannot with any degree of certainty rule out the possibility that our universe was created by some superior being.

  • Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge.

    Psalm 19: 1,2 - The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge.

    That the universe was caused in the big bang should be the first pointer to a causer.

    That the universe is fine tuned should point to a fine tuner.

    That the universe has laws should point to a law giver.

    That the universe shows design should point to a designer.

    That the universe has hosted life for billions of years should point to a life giver.

    The universe is a testament to God.

  • Effect -> Cause => Existence of universe -> Existence of a Creator!

    Cause-Effect is a fundamental principle of our universe. Let me give an example of scientific discoveries to show what methodology is used. Then we will apply the same method to show that a Creator exists.

    Discovery of Gravity!

    We all know how Newton discovered the gravity. An apple falls on his head and he starts thinking about WHY this apple fell. And this "falling" is not limited to apple, everything on Earth falls down. Falling of objects being the effect/result he started questioning the reason/cause that is responsible for this falling. He then concluded that since for every happening event there MUST be a cause/reason, then the cause/reason why objects fall down is because something, a force, pulls them down towards Earth. He named this force as GRAVITY. This is how the existence of gravity was discovered. Further he started to analyze this force to learn more about it.

    He understood that this force is not only between Earth and other objects, but this force exists between any two objects that have mass. He examined how the objects fall and he found out that the strength of this force is related to the product of their masses divided by the square of the distance between them, and the relation is a constant number which is named as gravitational constant G. Then he derived the equations of motion. Sending satellites and spaceships to space became possible thanks to this discovery and those equations.

    Today we all know that gravity exists, despite the fact that gravitons (mediators of gravity force) are still not found. Now we know how gravity behaves and more.

    Comparing some other great discoveries one would witness how strong the principle of Cause-Effect is. The method is;
    1. Existence of an result shows the existence of a cause.
    2. By analyzing the result we can get information about the cause.

    To apply this method for the existence of a Creator, we choose the existence of the universe as the result. It is scientifically confirmed that our universe has a beginning. From the Cause-Effect principle we conclude that there necessarily exists a Cause for this beginning. Now we apply second step to get information about this Cause's behaviors, abilities and capabilities.
    The universe started at a "point", so the Cause choosed the beginning to happen => the Cause has a free will, ability to decide between doing or not doing something. The fact that the constants in the universe, like G, are very precise & sensitive means that they are not just arbitrary numbers => Cause is also not just an arbitrary/coincidental cause.

    The nature/universe is the result, so it cannot be the cause at the same time.

    Considering all these and more we clearly see that there is necessarily a Being "responsible" for the existence of the universe. Analyzing the universe we clearly see that that Being cannot be the nature/accidents/chance etc. We call that Being as God.

  • The existence of the Universe Itself proves God's existence

    The fact that we, and the universe even exist is a miracle even of itself. Many people still wonder how did the universe get created or how did it come into being? Take for example the Empire State Building it hasn't always existed, instead there were many hard working Americans that worked hard to bring about its existence. The Universe hasn't always existed either, and there is no way that by natural means the Universe just simply created itself. Some being that is far greater, and more powerful then ourselves had to of made the Universe, and breathed life into the animals, people, and nature that we live in! Just look at the world around you and look at how beautiful it is or how amazing the animals look! I don't think that it just simply naturally happened, but perhaps someone with an imagination greater then ourselves created these things. No, I can't just gout there and look at all of the planets, life, and animals in the world and say it just happened, and I thank God for creating the Universe and how it reflects his great imagination, and creativity. It is also an honor to be made in his very image!

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