Just for stupid people who think Donald trump is racist i want to get other views on him. Is he a good president.

  • Trump is definitely not racist

    While I don't agree with everything he does he is not a racist, Sexist, Or a homophobe. The definitions to any of these are along the lines of "Discrimination against them based on their gender, Sex, Or sexuality". Trump has made comments about for example Mexicans being rapists, But this is not because of there race, If any other race was put in there place he would have said the same it is simply because many Mexican immigrants coming across the border are in fact criminals such as rapists because guess what, If Mexico was such a dandy country with no criminals then why are they all running away to the USA? Recently ran into someone who said "Why did Trump only build a wall around Mexico? He clearly hates Mexicans" if you have ever looked at a map before you would know that only two countries have land borders with the US, Mexico and Canada. Not only is Mexico the gateway to the whole of South America meaning people from Central and South America will be coming through Mexico to get to the US but Canada has a great standard of living and is unlike many of these Central and Southern American countries a first world, Developed country and there people generally feel no need to illegally immigrate here so no wall is needed.

  • No, He isn't a racist.

    80% of my co-workers are liberals and argue constantly that he is racist. They never provide facts, Only stating "the KKK supports Trump therefore he is racist. " I don't know how true that is but regardless, Any group can support whoever and whatever they want, But that doesn't make the group or person they support "more racist. " Also, When Trump was a celebrity nobody was bashing him for being a racist, Only when the news starting posting about it did liberals start caring and saying how racist he was.

  • Libtards get out

    Donald Trump has gotten rid of Obamacare, But the Democrats obstruct, Oubscut, Obstruct. They do not want Americans to have better health care. So we should BOYCOTT Chuck Scammer and Nancy Drugosi. Nancy Pelosi's Driver was a vietnamese spy. The spy's name is TIM KAINE/ TIM KAINE AND HILALRY CLINTN WARE THE MOST BAD PEOPLE TO RUN FOR PRESDIENT EVER, WORSE THAN BILL CLINTON. . DARE I SAY THAT? ! ? !

  • Best president ever

    He is the FIrst President in our modern era to really put his money where his mouth is. He is continually backing his promises to the American Voters with Actions being taken on them. How many presidents before him lived up to their empty promises? In the end I care about My Personal RIGHTS, My Personal FREEDOMS, My Personal Liberties.
    Pres. Trump believes people know what they need most, NOT WHAT GOVERNMENT THINKS YOU NEED. WE, THE SILENT MAJORITY, SUPPORT TRUMP!

  • Isn't it obvious?

    Unlike many past presidents, He puts our country first. He's not going to accept the band end of a deal, Just to say a deal has been made. This goes for trade as well as other disputes such as nuclear weapons. He knows about business and put his skills to work by lowering taxes for industry so they can stay here and compete globally. Sure, Raising corporate taxes sounds like it will only add to our nations income but when a company moves over seas, We loose all the income tax that they would have paid had taxes not increased. What's funny is that it took someone who was not a politician to fix things. Granted, It's easy when all you have to do is undo mistakes of past presidents. He's even kept a campaign promise that other past presidents have failed to do. He move our embassy to Jerusalem despite U. N. Disapproval. Hey, It's there country, They can choose where it's capital is.
    As far as all the hateful words that the democrats say, I think Hannity pointed out an interesting fact. Every two to four years, The democrats make the same claims. That their republican rival is racist, Sexist, Hates clean air and water, Kicks puppies and wants to push granny off a cliff. Obviously, They run on issues so they are left with just name calling. Sad really. To me, It seems that the democrats are afraid. They are afraid that Trump, And the republicans are doing so good, Nobody will want them in power anymore.
    Yet another thing that is funny is how the liberal media spins everything in the worst possible way, Just to drive their hateful narrative. Did Trump insult women? Yes, Specific ones like Rossie and Hillary and not women in general as the media spins things. Trump has no issue with immigrants from the south, Just the ones who break the law to get here. Fact is, Many Hispanic U. S. Citizens who came here legally also want to prevent others from doing it illegally. Thing is, The liberal media will never say such thing so they can continue their hateful narrative. What's even funnier is how after the liberal media pushes a narrative about Trump that offends people, They claim it's Trump that's dividing the nation. You can't be more hypocritical than that. Well, Maybe you can, Just look how Hillary claims to be a champion of the Me Too movement when she went after the women who had claims about her husband.

  • Yes he is

    Most of the main stream media ( mainly CNN) has constantly criticized him. Now they are even going as far as going after Trumps family members or making fun of the accent of trumps wife. They call trump racist well what do you think making fun of someones accent is. Now listen. Trump is not racist by moving against illegal immigration. He has no problem with immigration unless it is illegal.
    Yes I really think he is a good president. In just the first 2 years of being in office he has raised the american economy up by around 5%. He is also the first president to solve our problem with north Korea. People say it is stupid to invite Kim Jon UN to the white house but trump is trying to make more peace with the country. Democrats say trump has been violent but the thing is that it's also pretty violent to publicly tell other people to confront trump supporters and to kick them out of places just because they are trump supporters. So yes that is my view. I know I may be criticized just for stating my opinion but it is worth it. Honestly I think trump is a great president and was chosen by god to help are country and many more countries. If you want to here more of the good things about trump instead of bad then go to the fox news channel where they will listen to both sides and tell the truth.

  • He's not a good president, No

    First of all, He IS racist. No saying "well he's friends with a black person. " Just because you are friends with a few people from different races doesn't make you not racist. Racism is defined in the dictionary as "prejudice, Discrimination, Or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior. " If you have listened to anything that Trump says about other races, Or countries, This checks out, He is racist. I personally don't like many of the things he believes in, But if I did like those things, I still wouldn't like him as a person. He isn't a good president because he isn't a good role model. He wouldn't have me speaking out against what he does, If he does it in a way where it doesn't purposefully insult anyone, Or hurt anyone. That is why Trump isn't a good president.

  • Many say he is the worst president ever

    All you need for proof he is a racist is going back to the 70s when his apartments were prosecuted and fined for discriminating against blacks, He has repeatedly made incredibly racist statements, That blacks are lazy, Hispanics are criminals rapists murderers than muslims are al l terrorists, There is so much evidence he is a racist and misogynist it could all be put in volumes not one book but several, To deny this is to think we are stupid, Or to point out to us how incredibly retarded you are

  • He is the worst!

    Who would want an animal murdering, Idiotic, Prideful man that won't shut up, Places himself before the people, Risking everything, Is a coward, Thinks that he rules the Earth, Thinks that a wall is a good idea, Had a connection to Russia, And only won because Russia hacked the election?

  • Definitely not, He's not even close to a good president!

    Are we seriously considering a twitter obsessed billionaire our president? This is a reminder that he's basically trying to destroy our human rights by reenacting "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and disallowing transgenders from serving our country, I think he's trying to prevent putting our country first. Not to mention threatening other political leaders over something as petty as twitter. He still hasn't done anything about climate change because he's still getting ready to build a wall he promised to build 2 years ago, He has 2 more years in office and hasn't even started what his entire run for president was about, Yeah keeping those dang Mexicans back where they belong! Who cares about minorities lets nuke North Korea. News Flash Trump, Politics isn't a game, And this time the news isn't fake!

  • Trump may not be a good president but he isn't racist

    I don't believe that Trump is a good president and I don't believe Obama was either. I disagree with some of his policies and what he has said/done but he isn't racist. And every time people say that he is they don't offer any evidence. Please give proof if you're going to make a serious allegation like this!

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