Just governments ought to require that employers pay a living wage.

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  • The reason why employees work is not because they want to. They want money.

    These members in debate.Org might have a job already, and I can say almost all of them work because they want money. If I tell them to work, and I don't pay them, guess what happens? They go on strike, and they don't work anymore. The reason why they work is because they want to live a sustainable life with enough amount of money that can help them survive for the next few years until the day of death. Employers have to pay a living wage or they will lose all of their employees, and also lose a job.

  • With Allowances too

    Businesses - and local chambers of commerce if the business by itself cannot afford - should give all employees, regardless of pay grade, a basic housing allowance and food allowance pegged to local consumer price index (CPI). This means that if an employee is living in LA, they will get higher food & housing allowances than an employee living in rural Nebraska. The basic housing would allow for, at a bare minimum, a 1-bedroom 1-bath apartment. An employee could use his regular wages/salary to top up the housing allowance to buy a 3-bedroom 2-bath house, for example. When a business cannot afford on its own, it pays fee to chamber of commerce along with other businesses that cannot afford, to pool resources to provide to all employees.

  • Honestly I don't know if there is such a thing as a "just government", BUT:

    Every job is a needed job. If the job was not needed, it would not be available. If you get fired or quit, someone will take your place. People will always expect their burgers to be flipped and their coffees to be handed over. Even if you are a fast food worker, you are a human being whose labor is worth more than $7.50 an hour. Think about it.

    If you work for McDonald's, you work for an international business worth upwards of 60 billion dollars. The product you are making and selling is worth 60 BILLION DOLLARS. You are helping them make more and more money and yet, they claim you are worth minimum wage? As a human being, you are worth more than that.

    Because at the opposite end, there is no ceiling. CEO's can make as much money as they can possibly put into a bank account. For McDonald's, which people like to look down upon, the CEO Steve Easterbrook makes 1.1 million dollars. For McDonald's. It's the same company everyone is working for but hmm one white man is a millionaire while the rest can hardly afford a car let alone a mortgage?

    We tend to think that poor people are poor because it's their fault. Because they don't try hard enough, etc. But the truth is, a lot of rich people don't try. They are born into their money, or are at the right place at the right time. The thing is, even the rich people will always want their fast food. If your position is needed, you deserve a living wage.

    No human being is worth $7.50 per hour. And no human being, for goddamn sure, is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars per hour. The sacrifice is the same. You spend hours and hours of your life doing something you would not otherwise choose to do. Away from your family, away from your friends, away from your hobbies and relaxation.

    We need to find a place where the sacrifice is worth it for everyone.

  • Justice applies more to criminal justice.

    I do think that a living wage is important for the economy, however it is not a requirement for a just government. It is ultimately important for a stable and growing economy. This is due to the fact that the poor and middle class are more likely to spend their money on expansionary goods.

  • Depends on the Job

    First off, most employers do already pay a living wage depending on the job. One example being a director for a hospital, or the CEO of a corporation. The jobs that I'm against for receiving a living wage are fast food base jobs, or small businesses. The reason why is because they may benefit from it early on, but later will result in unemployment. One example is McDonald's in San Diego, where they raised the wage to a living wage but resulted in a machines taking over their jobs. That is really unfortunate, and the same can be applied to many other jobs as well. As well as a living wage can hurt certain businesses easily, and is truly not just and breaks the American Dream.

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