• I mostly agree

    The requests brought to the handling of justice demand, almost always, a response under a fast time lapse. For example, if somebody is ill and in need of an expensive medication and asks to the government, through legal means, to provide it, this need has to be met in a reasonable amount of time. Other way, the need of the request would perish, and the person along with it.

  • Need your views

    Justice delayed and justice denied means that if justice is not carried out right away timely, then even if it is carried out later it is not really justice because there was a period of time when there was a lack of justice.Justice is something meant to be handled at the present moment.

  • Of course not

    If a person is wrongly convicted of a crime then if any type of punishment is given what justice is it.Before giving justice first the case needs to be thought and then looked upon so that justice is given TO the right person. Some cases are so complicated that it will take time to analyse them due to which giving justice will take time. But this does not mean that justice won't be given
    we all need to have faith in the people who give us justice and not resort to malpractices like corruption and bribery

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