• Yes, he is a skilled footballer.

    Yes, he is a skilled footballer because he has shown he has a lot of talent. Just because he is a famous singer does not mean he cannot be a good athlete. He is talented in more ways than one and could have gone far as an athlete at a collegiate level.

  • I don't know

    I guess Justin Bieber's supposed to be a decent footballer, but that's obviously not his primary career option here. His soccer skills are apparently legit, and he's had a chance to play with some really good footballers,at Arsenal and in Barcelona. He also has a real love for the game.

  • No, he is a skilled musician.

    It is my belief that Justin Bieber has far superior musical skills than football skills. When comparing Justin Bieber to actual football legends, he lacks the experience and skill to be compared with the greats in that field. If Justin Bieber had been a skilled football player, he would have experience playing on football teams.

  • Justin Bieber is not a skilled footballer

    Justin Bieber is not a skilled footballer. Bieber rose to fame as a teenager with catchy music that appealed to young women. His talent as a singer is debated, perhaps even nonexistent. It could be difficult to say what exactly makes someone a skilled footballer. Is it playing a position particularly well? Playing well as part of a team? Winning? Those questions are up for discussion, certainly. We can be certain that Justin Bieber is not a skilled footballer.

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