• Theres WAY more talent in the kpop industry

    Kpop idols where trained for years by companies that know what theyre doing. American pop is just random people from the internet that got asked to join a company. I also think that kpop offers more talent, Music quality and originality while western pop is mostly all generic and repetitive.

  • It doesnt matter if your kid gay

    Kpop is a way for kids to express themselves, In my opinion kpop is better. It doesn't matter if your kid is gay. You need to support them in everyway possable. They probably chose what they feel from an early age. Kpop has a range of different categories that you can choose from, Where as english pop doesn't.

  • Kpop is my bae

    Kpop is my bae i luv dem dey r all so fuking hot af bts is my fav my bias keeps changing atm its jungkook he so hot and he has a six pack me luvs dem fuck yall dat say english pop is better u idiots u people r

  • Kpop is better

    Kpop is a way that International teens can experiment new kinds of music. Pop is pretty cool, But in my opinion, Kpop is better. You can become familiar with a new language and can meet new artists, Instead of seeing the same American Artists. Kpop has different concepts such as girl crush, Cutesy, Rock, Etc. In the end, They are both good music genres.

  • K-pop reigns over english pop.

    Well, A typical korean song consists of vocals, Rap and dance. Whereas Western only consists of either only vocal or rap, Occasionally, Both. K-Pop usually works as a group, Leading fans to have more choice of biases instead of just one. All the multi-talent makes the group able to pull off any concept as well!

  • You Weaboos, Go get a life you filth

    My grandmother told me while she was high on Jenkem that those who listen to Asian music will have their penises shrink 8 inches inside them and their eyes will become slits like paper cuts. Vote Mitt Romney 2020. Also Korean music is bad, Because it sounds like they are being anally penetrated by a donkey while they are choking on water. I like to make my cat ejaculate into my cereal when I am running out of milk. I put my dog inside my cat and chased it around the house till mummy got home and she beat me so hard I became a broccoli.

  • Koreans are unhealthy for kids

    Koreans condition kids to enjoy gay. I have a son who recently told me that he has gay and that is very bad. I know that it is K pop that did this because my son has a korean friend. Now I know that i should make sure to keep all of my other children away from koreans and korean music. Also kim jong un is the leader of korea and he tortures valued american citizens. If you don't want to support kim jong un or make your son gay than you have to make sure your kids have zero korea friends and make sure that they only listen to american music.

  • Both genres are equal

    I actually enjoy K-pop just as much as Western pop. However, I do believe that there is not one better than the other. Yes, K-pop groups/artists do have many talents to offer, But that does not mean that they are better than a pop artist. Both types of music have just as equally talented artists. Some people may enjoy just listening to one singer, And some may prefer a group. Music taste completely based off of preference, So it is incredibly difficult for someone to decide what the best genre is. Someone may prefer Western pop music, And someone may prefer K-pop music. This statement can only be answered with a personal opinion, Not actual facts.

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