Kacy Catanzaro: Were you surprised that 5-foot tall Catanzaro did so well onthe American Ninja Warrior course?

  • Yes, I am somewhat surprised.

    What Kacy Catanzaro accomplished on American Ninja Warrior is pretty incredible- the course is known to be extremely difficult. While she does have a two key advantages - namely her 100 lb weight (which is 40 to 80 lbs less than the average male contestant) and her elite gymnast background (which includes strength, flexibility, balance, and experience of performing under pressure) - she also has one major weakness... A short reach.

    The course was designed with significantly taller men in mind. Many of the obstacles of the course are designed to be just barely within reach, and that is for people with much longer arms and legs. So what would be a long stretch for the average contestant is, quite literally, a leap of faith for her. Needless to say, I am very impressed, and I wish her the best of luck when tries to tackle Mt. Midoriyama.

  • lower center of gravity

    While Kacy's height was a disadvantage for some of the Ninja Warrior obstacles, her lower center of gravity makes it easier for her to keep her balance so it did not surprise me much at all. Many of my favorite athletes are or were short as it usually means they are quicker and more agile. Barry Sanders for example of of the greatest running backs of all time was short and he was extremely agile and balanced.

  • No, I am not.

    From what I remember about her she was a terrific gymnast in college. Gymnasts are known for being incredibly strong. I don't think her small stature should influence her at all. She did amazing and as well or better than most of the other men. I think she is a terrific athlete.

  • I was not surprised Kacy Catanzaro did so well on American Ninja Warrior

    Small skinny people, can be very athletic. Therefore, I was not surprised that 5-foot tall Kacy Catanzaro did so well on American Ninja Warrior. She made history becoming the first woman to finish the entire course. Now keep in mind, she is a gymnast and she only weighs 100 pounds. These are attributes that helped the Belleville, N.J native to not only finish the course, but also destroyed it.

  • She may be small, but she is a truly fierce competitor.

    What some 6 foot+ men could not accomplish, this wee girl crushed. It is true that she's a woman and that first and fore most is the thing that stumped most people. It was even more shocking when you take into consideration the fact that this woman is only 5 feet tall! As a short woman myself, I was so proud of her accomplishment. It was inspiring and is another milestone for women everywhere.

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