Kaikoura Bee rescue: Can we prevent this from happening in the future?

  • With the technology, these events can be prevented or lessened

    In this advanced society, humankind is daily gaining knowledge regarding the care and protection of the planet's resources, including insects and mammals. The technology is there. Events like this can most likely be avoided if the correct amount of research and time are put into their prevention. Bees are an extremely crucial part of Earth's environment.

  • Yes, I believe we can

    Hive losses could be tacked on to the end of a compulsory disease survey beekeepers already fill out each year. The best way to prevent similar losses was to plant bee-friendly food, like gorse, which contains vital proteins and minerals essential to the health of bees. It's really a case of fixing the patient at the top of the cliff rather than at the bottom.

  • Yes, I hope so.

    The honey bee is our most beneficial insect. We must do all we can to protect bee colonies which are pollinators for many of our home and commercially grown fruits and vegetables. As good citizens, we should do everything possible to salvage honey bee colonies that become a problem in structural walls.

  • I don't know

    I'm not sure what if anything can be done to prevent earthquakes. The one affecting Kaikoura was a 7.8 magnitude. Luckily a naval ship was near enough to rescue coastal residents and some of their livestock and other animals. The beekeeper wouldn't leave his bees, so according to naval spokespeople :Last Saturday, we evacuated 192 people together with 2.3 tonnes of baggage, one cat, 14 dogs and about 30,000 bees - they were one thing we didn't count exactly."

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