• Kaitlyn remains as the sole bachelorette

    Yes, I believe that the format of the selection process puts the vote in the hands of the guys and they have voted for Kaitlyn over Britt. Everyone may have their own personal favorite but the process is in place and produced Kaitlyn. She will be a worthy bachelorette in the coming season as she interacts with the bachelors.

  • Both women brought someting to the table.

    Either Kaitlyn or Brit could of been a good choice for the Bachelorette. Maybe this is why the vote was so close. But in the end Kaitlyn won out over Brit or did she. It maybe that Brit is better off of the two from what previews have shown, something tells me Kaitlyn isn't going to have an easy season.

  • Yes: Kaitlyn is the clear correct choice to be the Bachelorette

    In my opinion, both Kaitlyn and Britt are beautiful girls on the surface. I believe what Kaitlyn possesses that is somewhat lacking or not visible where Britt is concerned is inner beauty. I think there is a lot more substance to Kaitlyn and that the potential mates who chose her over Britt recognized that.

  • Kaitlyn is the better choice for the bachelorette

    I think that Kaitlyn seems more genuine than Britt, though both seem like ideal Bachelorette candidates. In the Bachelor season finale, it definitely seemed that the crowd's favorite was Kaitlyn. I think that she is more honest than Britt, and did not seem to cause any major controversies or doubts with anyone during the Bachelor. Though I don't think Britt was a bad option, I think Kaitlyn is overall preferred for a reason.

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