Kaley Cuoco and Paul Blackthorne: Do Kaley Cuoco and Paul Blackthorne make a good couple?

  • That's not up to me.

    I don't decide whether someone is a good couple or not, only the couple decides that. If they are happy, they will stay together. If they're not, they'll break up. They seem pretty happy in pictures. I have no idea whether they're a good couple or not. I don't know them.

  • It's too soon!

    Of course Kaley Cuoco and Paul Blackthorne are likely different behind closed doors, it's hard to ignore that their relationship went PUBLIC only three months after Cuoco's divorce. I can't help but wonder if its foundation is not as solid as it could be. But the public image only gives so much insight!

  • I Disagree In Premise

    I just don't think it's something that warrants a public opinion in the first place. Does anybody poll about my relationships? I just don't think that these or any celebrity warrants my or anyone else's weighing in on their values or choices. It's such a fruitless endeavor that it mocks all other worthwhile causes being pursued in the world.

  • Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting were a beautiful couple, and it is unnatural to see her with someone else.

    If Kaley Cuoco and Paul Blackthorne are together for an extended period of time, my answer may change as time goes on. However, I personally adored Kaley and Ryan Sweeting together, so it is difficult for me to picture Kaley dating smeone else. In addition, It is surprising that Kaley would be quick to date someone else so quicky. Sounds like a rebound to me!

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