Kaley Cuoco leaves with Sam Hunt: Could this be a new start for these two celebrities?

  • Yes, Kaley Cuoco can start a new relationship if she pleases

    Yes, if Kaley Cuoco is a single person, after her previous marriage / relationship did not work out as planned, she could date any person she wants, whether she is going to form a new relationship with Sam Hunt is not certain at the moment, but based on the topic's information. She should have no problem leaving with whom ever she chooses.

  • New Start for Cuoco and Hunt

    I think Kelly Cuoco leaving with Sam Hunt could be a great new start for both. They are both great and would be wonderful together! Cuoco and Hunt both deserve happiness and if that comes from being with one another then they should go for it. Any relationship in the spotlight can be hard, but I think when they are two different form of entertainment it can be easier because they aren't really competing in the same industry.

  • Kaley Cuoco and Sam Hunt look a couple

    Kaley Cuoco and Sam Hunt appear to be a couple. The two left a Grammy's after party together. There were reports that there was a chemistry and flirting between the celebrities. Witnesses said she appeared happy, and there appears to be a mutual attraction. They are roughly the same age and both are single.

  • Kaley Cuoco and Sam Hunt

    The last I heard Kaley Cuoco was dating someone else. Just because two famous individuals are pictured together, it does not mean that they are in a relationship together or are beginning a relationship. This is just fodder for the tabloids and people who believe that whatever they see in pictures in a tabloid is real.

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