Kangaroo culling in Australia: Are Kangaroos significantly damaging habitats and species?

  • Kangaroos are mean

    There isn't much in this world that is cuter than a mama kangaroo with a baby in her pouch. Kangaroos are adorable! Unfortunately, they're also a menace. Kangaroos damage property, destroy the environment, wreck farms, and are kicking other species out of their habitat. They're a real problem for Australia and there isn't any easy solution. Just like America keeps the deer population under control with carefully controlled hunting, Australia needs to keep the kangaroo population under control.

  • Kangaroos have lived

    And evolved in australia For 10 million years. They don't destroy any habitat at all. It is only dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. They are getting their habitat destroyed. Do you guys even know anything about Australia or kangaroos. Maybe you should search it up. Both of you because you still said they destroy habitats.

  • Kangaroos Not Significantly Damaging Austrailia

    While it is true that there are many kangaroos in Australia, the numbers are often overestimated. Kangaroos do damage habitats and species, but not specifically. It is not the fault of a kangaroo that s/he was born in Australia. There is no need for culling, especially when kangaroos can regulate their reproduction based on seasonal conditions.

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