Kangaroo culling in Australia: Is darting and euthanizing Kangaroo humane?

  • Yes, population control is sometimes necessary

    The killing of certain animal species that are populating too quickly is a very humane thing to do. Instead of allowing the population to get out of control and die of starvation, instead they are put to sleep and then executed. This is a humane way of killing an animal, as it feels no pain, and can only benefit the species.

  • Yes - Kangaroo Hunting is Like All Other Hunting

    Although fixed in the imaginations of many as kind, stuffed animals, population control is needed for kangaroos in Australia just as it is needed for deer in the United States. Kangaroos are quick-moving animals that can cause significant damage to vehicles. It is also important to control the balance of the ecosystem by controlling the kangaroo population. This can be done humanely with expert regulation.

  • Kangaroos are hunted in Australia for profit not damage mitigation

    Kangaroos in Australia are killed for profit under the guise of causing damage, for too long misconceptions about kangaroos, their breeding, and the supposed damage they cause have led to their continual slaughter over the years and is now known widely as the world's largest wildlife slaughter. Many people around the world are upset and outraged by whaling, Australia has kept its slaughter of kangaroos low key as the cruelty involved and the clubbing of pouch young so its mother can be turned into sports shoes, pet food, bangers and burgers is becoming more abhorrent and distasteful to the public.

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