Kangaroo culling in Australia: Is translocating Kangaroos a poor alternative to culling them?

  • I agree that they should be culled.

    Kangaroos should not be moved to different locations. It is more expensive obviously and the government should not use taxpayer money to do such frivolous things. It would be much better to let ranchers, farmers, and hunters to cull them. They would get a source of meat and the government would not have to pay for this expensive operation.

  • Kangaroos should be Harvested

    The Kangaroo populated needs to be reduced. The problem with relocation is not only are you potentially transferring the problem to another area, there are costs involved in the process. I have heard this argument in the past but I have not seen an argument that justifies the financial cost or the Environmental cost. I do believe however, culling is not the absolute answer. Harvesting Kangaroo's where possible makes more sense. I found a website www.Aussieblokes.Net that talks extensively about this issue, well worth checking out

  • Could relocating kangaroo's protected the 6 year old girl that was killed?

    Many people forget the damage that Kangaroo's do. Not only do they damage crops, eat live stocks feed to the point where they have to ranchers have to shoot their own livestock, but what about the people getting killed by the excessive kangaroo's on public roads. About 2 weeks ago a 6 year old girl was killed because a kangaroo was hit by a car just outside of Brisbane. Once the kangaroo went through the windscreen of the car the kangaroo then kicked the little girl to death while it was in the car. I lived in the bush and for a long time an hitting kangaroo's on public roads was an an avoidable daily event. There are only 50,000,000 kangaroos in Australia and they are now an invasive species. Why transfer the problem to another area? Wasn't that the way the cane toads started? I am a great supporter of the harvesting program for kangaroo's. Relocation may have a place in a limited capacity, but where do you send 50,000,000 kangaroo's? How do you relocate kangaroo 's and prevent them on being on public roads for further tragedies?

  • Save the Kangaroos!

    It is ridiculous to kill off Kangaroos when they could be relocated. Relocating the kangaroos is not that difficult. There is great debate as to how much the kangaroos are damaging habitats and species. There is debate to how much they are damaging crops. Not only is killing off the kangaroos inhumane but it is impractical as well. In shooting these animals, there is a good chance that people can be harmed as well.

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