Kangaroo culling in Australia: Would a culling be consistent with aboriginal interests?

  • Aboriginal Tribes Would Get More Meat

    Kangaroo populations have exploded in Queensland in recent years, according to one report by AgForce. Massive roo populations have overrun farmland and farmers have had enough. Opening up hunting and culling for kangaroos is good for meat producers as there is an export market in Russia. Native aboriginal tribes can also benefit from extra food. Tribes can also act as guides for hunters to make some extra money in addition to getting some meat from the hunt.

  • Culling means to remove a species of animals I guess because of population.

    Culling is an aboriginal interest. I believe that if you start killing animals other than to eat or because the animal is sick and dying is cruel. In Australia, I guess the animals are on a ratio to humans of 10:1 ,it seems like that would be another reason. Later on I believe that they will find another reason to start killing other species like humans.

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