Kanye West: Did police go too far using pepper spray to end a surprise Kanye concert?

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  • It was probably what he wanted anyway

    Anyone gathered for anything related to Kanye West deserves to be pepper sprayed. Or at the very least booed vociferously. Mr. West is probably quite pleased by the outcome, since it will grant him license for another self-righteous monologue. We should not be surprised when people undertake events that are designed to create a reaction when a reaction to them occurs.

  • Police have the right to use peppery spray when needed

    I believe if the police force feels they are in threat, or if more violence is capable of breaking out, they have the right to use pepper spray or other means of preventing a violent clash. The force is well trained in how to use these weapons, and I take great pride knowing our police force would only use these weapons when they deem completely necessary.

  • I believe the police did what they needed to in response to the riot.

    I believe that police using pepper spray at the surprise Kanye concert was not going too far. A riot outside the venue ensued with people being trampled and windows being smashed. The police have a right to exercise their authority to break up situations like this that and I think that it was within their rights to act as they did to break the riot up.

  • No,it was an illegal gathering

    If the gathering was not authorized, then spray away. Just because somebody is a celebrity does not mean they can do as they please at all times. Kanye needs to get over himself and obey the laws, just like everybody else has to in life. Maybe Obama will get him off the hook.

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