• West was hospitalized against his will

    Kanye West had obvious mental issues and was hospitalized against his will for his own good. Until his mental issues are brought under control so that he is no longer a danger to those around him he needs to stay in treatment. If it is necessary to use force to keep him in treatment for his psychiatric issues that should be done.

  • It appears that Kanye West experienced some sort of mental breakdown and was hospitalized against his will.

    Kanye West was taken to hospital for medical evaluation after the LA Fire Department responded to an unspecified medical aid request at his home. He was allegedly handcuffed to the gurney while being transported to the hospital and, although this is standard practice in such cases, it is believed he was resistant to going to hospital but that his management and the law enforcement officers persuaded him to go.

  • I have no clue

    Obviously something went wrong for Kanye and he's been very agitated and disturbed. It certainly sounds like he needs some medical help, but I don't know if the hospital stay was against his will. If he's altered, he wouldn't have the capacity and maybe even the awareness to say yes or no to medical care anyway.

  • He wanted it to happen.

    Kanye West knew that he would lose millions of dollars if he cancelled his tour. This was the case unless he ended up in the hospital. He decided to go to the hospital so that he could make a claim against the insurance company for the cancelled tour. Kanye is smart, and he wants his money.

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