Kanye West: Is two years probation too much for attacking a member of the paparazzi?

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  • Two years probation is not too much for attacking a member of the paparazzi.

    Kanye West chose to wrestle with the paparazzi. It wasn't really a brutal assault; however, everyone has a job to do. No matter how annoying the paparazzi can be, they do not deserve to be manhandled. Even if the paparazzi get too physical, it is better to call the police or file a complaint rather than physically pushing another person. There were enough cameras there that someone would have videotaped the paparazzi getting out of line. Two years probation means that he can't lose his cool with the paparazzi any time soon. It is a good thing since he seems to have a problem with losing his temper with the paparazzi.

  • No, it is acceptable.

    Kanye West, like so many other celebrities, thinks too highly of himself and forgets that he is mainly famous for being famous and has put himself in the sight of the paparazzi when it suited him. So he should nnot be attacking anyone at all, including them, and should be on probation for 2 years.

  • Two years probation is not too much

    It is my opinion that Kanye West getting two years of probation for attacking a member of the paparrazi is not an unjust sentencing. He attacked someone for their non violent actions toward his family, and was not provoked by a physical confrontation. His punishment fits the crime that he committed.

  • No not at all

    Two years probation for Kanye West for attacking a member of the paparazzi is not really a lot when we think about it. There is people who do crimes that are much lesser than this and when in the court system they have to do much more time than this.

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