• God made us beautiful

    Yes, humans are beautiful because God made us that way. Humans can do so many things that are truly works of art. Ballet is an example. Gymnastics is another example. The human body is beautiful, and God has made us so that we can do so many things. Of course, the body is ours to take care of.

  • Yes, I think humans are very beutiful.

    Yes, I think humans are very beautiful. I love the way different people all over the world have their own kind of beauty and style. I feel that we are all wonderful and interesting creatures all on this planet trying to find beauty in ourselves and others around us as well.

  • Humans are Beautiful... Even Kim Kardashian

    Kim Kardashian is the epitome of a self absorbed, ego centric and narcissistic personality. Her new book is designed to show her beauty through a variety of "selfies." Yawn. However, she has a point. Humans are beautiful. Granted, some are more pleasing to the eye than others, but every person has redeemable qualities

  • Depends on how you look at it

    Humans can think that other humans are beautiful, but an alien can come to earth and think we are all hideous. We are genetically wired to find one another attractive, but outside of the human mind, beautiful doesn't exist. Humans are beautiful to humans and only humans which is why I picked no, because we are the only ones that will ever think that humans can be beautiful.

  • Who writes these opinions

    There are so many more issues that can be addressed, such as hunger, rascism, etc. Who cares if some annoying, self conscious model take some selfies, and makes it into a book, to promote public image for herself. She is not as important as she thinks. You guys are supporting promoting her public images with these opinions. If you wanted me to answers the question. It doesn't matter if a human is beautiful. Beautiful, in a human standpoint, is a social term in which people judge each other, and every one tries to strive to be. It doesn't matter what other people think of you, its what you think of yourself. So, GUYS PLEASE STOP ASKING QUESTIONS ABOUT KIM KARDASIAN'S DAMN SELFIES.

  • Of course not, that's silly:

    Humans aren't beautiful but humans are wired to find humans beautiful. The standard for human beauty itself is mostly hardwired with some variances in aesthetics regardless of the medium used to convey that specific type of beauty. The idea that humans are inherently beautiful creatures is no different than a version of manifest destiny only instead of just justifying racism it justifies speciesism

  • Humans are not always beautiful.

    While it is great to love oneself, too much pride violates what God wants for us. It makes a person ugly to be too self-involved and to also be proud and show-off that self-involvement. A person, like Kim Kardashian, becomes known for being shallow and perhaps not too smart. Although her fans love her selfies, most of the population thinks her shallowness makes her more ugly than anything.

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