• Selfies Are Only For the Conceited

    There is no other reason to take a selfie other than for arrogance and conceit. We have all done so, and to suggest otherwise doesn't account for the selfie's point in the first place. To take many selfies and post them online is the height of conceit. The Kardashian brand depends on it.

  • Yes, it is.

    It is narcissism at its best. Sure an occasional selfie is fine and dandy-- especially if you're able to pull off getting a selfie with the president-- but life should be more what the make-up on your face is life. I'd prefer if people would show their environment more. Or just something that matters in the world, ya dig?

  • Yes, in most cases

    If people take lots of selfies in cool places, no, it's not conceit because they're placing their surroundings as the center of attention. They just want to share that they were there. However, when people upload a new selfie of themselves in a typical place like their car or in front of a mirror to facebook every few days, they're usually just fishing for likes and seek to make themselves the center of attention. This is especially true when they do stuff like pucker up their lips. Let's be honest: if you have tons of pics of just you on your computer, you're probably quite fond of looking at yourself.

  • Selfies are in now

    I really dont see what the big deal is about the Kardashians taking selfies because many americans male and female take alot of selfies every day. If people were not suppose to take selfies then why did iphone make phones with front camera. think that so many people have been picking on the kardashians just because of who they are and they really need to stop it.

  • Absolutely not conceited!

    There's never anything wrong with capturing wonderful lot mixtures of yourself and being proud of just being you and comfortable with that. If people see that as conceit, then some of those people doesn't know what it means to actually be comfortable in their own skin. I post images of me all the time on Facebook and never expect to get any kind of attention. I'm simply doing me and capturing my youth in the moments

  • I doubt it

    Is it conceited to take a lot of selfies? No. Are there conceited people who take too many selfies? Yes. But the real question that I have is this: "Which is worse; to take a crap load of selfies in shameless self-promotion, or to be one of the millions of people who glorify those celebrities for taking stupid selfies?"

  • No, not really:

    Vanity: excessive pride in or admiration of one's own appearance or achievements.

    If we assume this is so merely taking photos of yourself is not vain. Posting them publicly is not vain. Using them as a tool to achieve something (perhaps garner praise?) however due to belief that they will grant you an edge based mostly on positive traits such as beauty is vain however.

  • Taking a selfie is not conceited.

    Just because you like to take pictures of yourself does not make you conceited. There are all kinds of reasons one takes pictures of them selves. Maybe because they feel good about the way they look today or they want to let others know they are happy. Perhaps they are curious about what they look like in a picture. The list of reasons are endless.

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