Kate O'Mara Dies at 74: Should the Soap Opera "Dynasty" be brought back?

  • Great Soap Opera Times.

    What happened to the good soap Operas, where they meant something, and they had you always wondering what was going to happen next. Now with all the new soap Opera, its more drama than a love story, people that are use to watching the soap opera, like our grandmothers, their moms, they knew what it meant to watch a great soap, they use to run home to watch them.

  • The Soap Opera is Over

    The soap opera dynasty is an embodiment of the past. The show has lost its appeal to modern television viewers and it wouldn't be popular enough to be sustainable. Kata O'Mara should be recognized for her achievements, but the show Dynasty should not return to television. Obscure old soap operas cant survive in the modern television market.

  • No More Dynasty

    We have multiple platforms to re-run old television shows like Dynasty, so people like Kate O'Mara will be seen far into the future. I do not believe the soap opera, Dynasty, should be brought back because it would more than likely fail. TV networks moved away from their soap operas over the last decade because they no longer had a high enough viewer rating.

  • Dynasty belongs in the 80s!

    Television companies brought back Dallas for the new Millennium and it was a disaster. Don't bother to bring Dynasty back. It was a product of it's time and in the 80s it exemplified everything that that era was about, the upwardly mobile aspirations, the big shoulder pads, the money grabbing culture. It belongs in the past, Dynasty is no longer appropriate for a new generation and the generation that enjoyed it in the first place want to remember it how it was.

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