• Kate Upton looking more like "Mother" than "Model"

    Compared to Kate Upton's dazzling career with Sports Illustrated, Kate Upton's recent weight gain, more conservative clothing, and dining choices could all be pointing to her possibly being pregnant. Kate Upton being a veteran model for Sports Illustrated is not a novice when it comes to maintaining an image. The question is whether her image change is for an unannounced upcoming movie, or as many believe for a new role, that of "mother".

  • No I don't think so

    Anything is possible, but without further information I would say that Kate Upton's weight gain is not a sign of pregnancy. She has always been heavier than what is considered normal for models. Although, I think she is perfectly healthy the way she is. It is possible that she has just put on a little weight.

  • Peoples weight fluctuate....

    Kate Upton, nor any celebrity for that matter, is not above the rest of us when it comes to natural occurrences. Everyone has those times where their weight will fluctuate because of stress, hormone changes, diet changes, not working out, and etc. You can't just say someone must be pregnant because of weight gain.

  • She's Becoming a Woman

    Every woman, who is fortunate, goes through this phase where their hips become fuller along with all the other parts (breast, thighs and buttocks) that guys like to see. It's just a part of becoming a woman and scientifically at the end of every seven years your hormones do a little jig. Which is why some women are attracted to older men, you know what I'm saying - yes, John Doe, size matters. Her stomach has not changed that much, she may be figuring out what she can and can't eat. Although I appreciate that people aren't saying fat, but pregnant speculations take their toll. How many times has Jessica Biel been pregnant or did we lose count?

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