Kathleen Kane, former Pennsylvania Attorney General, is sentenced to prison. Was her sentence fair?

  • I believe Kathleen Kane's sentence is fair.

    I feel Kathleen Kane's sentence for abuse of power while in office is fair. A public official with certain degrees of power must not abuse that power. Punishment must be harsh in cases such as this, and if setting an example is necessary to prevent it from occurring again then so be it.

  • Kathleen Kane sentence is fair

    Former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane received a fair sentence. She will go to prison for 10 to 23 months for perjury and abuse of her office. She leaked grand jury records to try to discredit a critic and then lied under oath about it. This is sufficient to serve as a deterrent and severe enough to fit her crimes.

  • Yes, her sentence was fair.

    Yes, her sentence was fair because too many petty criminals are sentenced to long prison terms, while white collar workers get off with nothing but a slap on the wrist. It is nice to see that people who abuse their power can be sentenced to jail, even though they have money for the best lawyers.

  • Kathleen Kane deserved harsher punishment

    former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane received a light sentence for some serious crimes and now is allowed out on bail pending appeal. Anyone else found guilty of similar crimes would have received a much harsher prison sentence and would not be allowed out on bail pending appeal. It shows her privileged behavior continues.

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