Kathleen McFarland and Mr. Trump: Should Trump withdraw the nomination of Mrs. McFarland?

  • Yes, he should.

    She is no more a "security expert" than Jerry Falwell is an expert on global climate change. Trump needs to rethink many, if not all of his picks for cabinet members because he is not taking this seriously because it affects hundreds of people, and he needs to take more than just himself in consideration.

  • Yes, Trump should withdraw the nomination of Mrs. McFarland.

    Yes, Donald Trump should withdraw the nomination of Kathleen McFarland for Deputy National Security Advisor. Mrs. McFarland is a mean spirited person who outed her gay brother to her mother while he was dying of AIDS in the 1990s. She also refused to let her children meet him. This is deplorable behavior.

  • She has experience.

    There is a reason that McFarland is a trusted adviser on national security issues. The reason is that she has experience as a national security analyst. She has often appeared on Fox News and other outlets because of her expertise. Trump is wise to recognize this expertise and select her for a place in his administration.

  • Trump should keep McFarland

    KT McFarland should not be dumped from Mr. Trump's administration over allegations involving her relationship with her brother. Whether McFarland is a good person or not is not the measure that should be applied to whether she can effectively serve Mr. Trump in her anticipate role in the Nation Security apparatus. If she is qualified for that job, she should not be banished because she may have had a rocky relationship with her brother.

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