• Ginger Zee has the "it" factor.

    Ginger Zee is a anchorwoman for ABC's Good Morning America. Like Katie Couric, who we all know from NBC's Today show, is one of the few reason's to look forward to getting up in the morning. Both Zee and Couric have an effervescence's that many of their contemporaries either lack completely, or fail miserably at intimidating.

  • No, Ginger Zee is not Katie!!!

    No I do not think that Ginger Zee is the new Katie Couric. I think Katie was more of a girl next door type of person and that is why viewers could relate to her so well. I think that Ginger is more glamorous and misses some of the personality corks that people love about Katie.

  • Ginger Zee is Her Own Person

    Ginger Zee is not the new Katie Couric. Both are at different points in their careers. They are also different people with unique talents and abilities. Ginger Zee is becoming a success and does not need to be compared with other broadcasters. Both will continue to do well in the future.

  • There is only one Katie Couric

    I really like Ginger Zee, but she is not Katie Couric. Katie Couric has found her place in tv and even if she choose to end her career, she could not be replaced. She has always been very cutting edge, and can't truly be replaced. Taking her place and replacing what she brings, are very different.

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