Katie Couric Returns to NBC's 'Today' Show as Guest Co-Host: Do you think she is still good at this?

  • She's always been great

    Katie Couric has always been great at hosting and journalism. Having her back on the Today Show, where she worked for so long, only makes her better. She is in her comfort zone and is in a position to do great work in a comfortable and easy fashion. She will never grow old in the world of reporting and journalism.

  • Yes, Couric is still a good host

    Yes, I believe Katie Couric will still be a good guest co-host. Couric has a long history of hosting, producing, and reporting and there is no doubt that she will be able to assume this responsibility naturally and confidently. I believe this will be a successful endeavor for her to pursue.

  • People still like her.

    Katie Couric is the gold standard in morning television. She and the rest of the NBC team had unparalleled success when they hosted together. Their ratings were better than anyone's. She will be every bit as popular as she used to be. Things that were popular in the 1990s are popular again, and she is no exception.

  • Like riding a bike!

    Katie Couric was always great as a host of the "Today" show, and I'm sure that she'll slip right back into the role without missing a beat. It was when she attempted to branch out her career that she really stumbled and struggled. I think that now that she's back home, so to speak, she'll be great and people will tune in to see her.

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