Katie Couric returns to NBC's 'Today' Show as guest co-host. Is she washed up?

  • Katie Couric has passed her prime

    Katie Couric's fifteen minutes are up. Granted her time in the lime light was longer than fifteen minutes; nevertheless, it is time for her to find a new venture. She could learn something from Oprah. Oprah knew when her time was up and that no matter how painful it was it was time to move on. That is something Ms. Couric needs to learn.

  • She cannot give it up.

    It is strange to return to a show that the host previous left. Most people do not return to jobs after they have left them in any industry, especially one as high profile as television. Couric is admitting that she was not popular as an evening host, and that she was not successful in her talk show.

  • No, Katie Couric is back to the gig she's best at if she returns to the 'Today' Show.

    I honestly think that if she can do the job and do it well, there's no problem with her returning to the 'Today' Show. She is a great morning talk show personality. I didn't fault her for wanting to take a new career direction when she changed to the nightly news, and I don't think anyone should fault her for returning to her old gig. It's all part of the game.

  • No, Katie Couric is not washed up.

    No, Katie Couric is not washed up. She should be welcomed back to television with open arms. She is a sweet but serious woman who delivers the news in an entertaining way that everyone can understand. Additionally, her work raising awareness for colorectal cancer has doubtlessly saved the lives of many.

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