Katie Ledecky set an Olympic record. Did she overshadow Michael Phelps?

  • Yes, Ledecky is the new Michael Phelps

    While Phelps is sealing his place in Olympic history, we already know his story and have already basked in his successes. Ledecky gives us a new face to root for, a new story to root for and the excitement of the first victories of an Olympic athlete. Ledecky's freshness does overshadows Michaels Phelps repeat victories.

  • Katie Ledecky's performance overshadows Phelps

    Katie Ledecky performance has overshadowed Michael Phelps in the latest Olympics. She set a world record, and has received a lot of attention from fans and the press. Michael Phelps is a great Olympian, but this is based on past performance. Setting a world record is the story of the Olympics right now.

  • No, all eyes were on the incredible Michael Phelps and his amazing prowess in achieving Olympic medals.

    Michael Phelps came out of retirement to become the first ever swimmer to reach the final in the same event for a total of five consecutive Olympic games. The main question on everybody's lips was whether he would also add a 23rd Olympic medal to his record-breaking total. Spectators at the poolside and on media were also fascinated by his extraordinary "death stare" as he prepared to compete.

  • Michael Phelps' glory will come from the sum of all his events.

    I do not believe that Katie Ledecky setting an Olympic record overshadows Michael Phelps in these games. The excitement with Phelps is focused on the sum of all the events he is set to compete in rather than a single race. He still has races to compete in and, if he is successful, will become the most winningest Olympic athlete in history.

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